Staged reading of the play by Kees Roorda

A young Dutchman is shot and fatally wounded by a police officer at a train station. The officer is found not guilty.

Based on the real case of Rishi Chandrikasing, the Kees Roorda uses interviews with the victim’s family and interrogation transcripts for this play that premiered in 2016. It is written as a collage for three actors who comment on, contextualise, and reflect on the events.

Shortly before the German Premiere in September, the production team was faced with a critical question: Does the play manifest the sctructural racism it is meant to elucidate in the way it is presented? For lack of an artistic way of processing the question, the production was cancelled.

We will be presenting the text to the public in the form of a staged reading. During a follow-up discussion session, experts and theatre professionals will present their views on the play Rishi, creating an opportunity for the audience to form their own opinion.

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Age recommendation
13 or older

Der Abend beginnt mit einer Einführung und endet mit einer offenen Diskussionsrunde.

Premiere Mit Einführung Nachgespräch im Anschluss

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With: Alexander Braun, Michaela Finkbeiner, Abed Haddad

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Sat, 02/12/2023
07.30 pm
Stadttheater, Hexagon
07.30 pm | Stadttheater, Hexagon
Premiere Mit Einführung Nachgespräch im Anschluss

The staged reading starts with an introduction and ends with a discussion session.