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Mädchen mit Hutschachtel

Documentary theatre by Lisa Sommerfeldt

22 October 1940 is one of the darkest days in Bruchsal's history: Early in the morning, almost all Jews in Bruchsal were arrested. They were herded through town to the station, from where they were deported to the internment camp in Gurs.

The event is documented in the NS-propaganda film titled Bruchsal judenfrei! Die letzten Juden verlassen Bruchsal (lit. Bruchsal free of Jews! The last Jews are leaving Bruchsal). Among the people: a small girl with a hat box.

Carsten Ramm, theatre manager at the time, asked: "Who was this girl? What happened to her?" Author Lisa Sommerfeldt and dramaturg and director Petra Jenni started researching and found out that it is Edith Leuchter (née Loeb), who lives in the USA and was then 94 years old. She was only 13 when she, her mother and her grandmother were deported to Gurs. Her little brother, Heinz, was in a children's home in Frankfurt at the time. Her father had already moved to the USA. Edith was rescued from the camp and had to hide in a foreign country under a false name. After the war, she managed to emigrate to New York. Heinz and her mother were murdered in Auschwitz.

Lisa Sommerfeldt wrote a piece of documentary theatre about the faith of Edith Leuchter and her family for Badische Landesbühne. Based on interviews, letters, court files, and other contemporary historical sources, Mädchen mit Hutschachtel (Girl with hat box) tells the story of one of the last Holocaust-Survivors from Bruchsal, making one of the darkest chapters in German history tangible for the later-borns. In a time where nationalism and racist are once again on the rise, the culture of remembering has to be kept alive. Because what happened to Edith and her family, what happened to millions of Jews must never happen again.

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Uraufführung 13. Oktober 2022


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Inszenierung: Petra Jenni

Bühne: Tilo Schwarz

Kostüme: Kerstin Oelker

Edith: Hannah Ostermeier

Heinz/Fritz/Kurt: Frederik Kienle

Julie/Regine/Debbie: Magdalena Suckow

Max/Maria/Frank/Julie: Kim Vanessa Földing

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Mädchen mit Hutschachtel is an impactful production that doesn't use dismay, but calls upon the audience to take a stand. Lisa Sommerfeldt managed to create a work that, despite or precicely because of it's regional reference, can be played everywhere: stories like this one happened everywhere in 1940, not just in Bruchsal.

Manfred Jahnke / Deutsche Bühne


The performance left the audience both distraught and full of admiration. After a second of silent dismay, heartfelt applause that turned into enthusiastic cheers.

Angela Portner / RNZ


Mädchen mit Hutschachtel is convincing as precicely told contemporary history. It manges to touch the audience by simple means. The work creates images and scenes that leave a long-lasting impression.

Dagmar Oltersdorf / Schwäbische Post


Is it possible to talk about the Holocaust and find the right imagery for it? The play takes an unusual perspective. And finds the appropriate tone.

Susanne Schütz / Rheinpfalz