Dear teachers, educators, and theatre fans,

we, the theatre educators of Badische Landesbühne, welcome you to the new theatre season of 2023/24. 

For the moment, this page provides you with a basic overview of our work. Detailed Information will be available shortly.

Lisa Becker




Darina Taskin

T 07251/72737
E darina.taskin@badische-landesbuehne.d


To determine wether or not is appropriate for your class, teachers and educators can visit dress rehearsals free of charge.

We will be on site to answer your questions. If you are interested, please contact us for details.

School classes and groups can visit our dedicated school performances during school hours. For details, please refer to the section "reservation for schools".

Wether it's classrooms, assembly halls, or a gym - we have productions for all locations. These productions will be performed directly in your school. Detailed information will be available soon. In the meantime, please contact us directly.

We are preparing accompanying material for all productions that are targeted predominantly at young people and schools. This includes productions of Junges Theater and the general programme. You can use this material to discuss the productions in class.

For the preparation and follow-up, we will your class or group to explore the topics covered in the productions through discussions and hands-on workshops.

Open discussions happen right after the performance.


  • Bruchsal: free of charge
  • operation area: 30 € + travel expenses (0,35 @/km)
  • outside our oprating area by arrangement


We will be publishing an overview of all productions with age recommendations, topics, and relevance to the curriculum in Baden Württemberg in english shortly.