Dear citizens of Bruchsal, dear friends of Badische Landesbühne!

The story of our citizens' theatre movement started in the 2012/13 season. In the spring of 2015, it culminated in the festival Utopolis, and kept growing thereafter. Until the pandemic put an end to all the getting and working together, the joint exploration of our urban society,  and the joint transformation of a city into theatre. But these times are over!

During the 22/24 season, a club for young adults, called Junge Szene, reemerged amidst the festival Stadtgeschichten, tales of a city. Under the new direction, the citizen's theatre becomes the third programmatic line of Badische Landesbühne -  a new beginning, based on a tradition and on established processes, renewing them and leading them into a bright future.

The 23/24 season started with three groups, offering opportunities for citizens of all ages, to contribute to both the city of Bruchsal and to the world of theatre. These is the 'Theaterbande' for ages from 8–12, the 'Junge Szene' for ages from 13–18, and 'vox populi', the group for everyone above the age of 18. The latter makings a sparkling return: formed by former participants of the citizen's theatre and independently run, vox populi and Badische Landesbühne join forces and are happy to welcome new members.

In April 2024, we'll see three new productions that will be as diverse as the citizens who make up the three clubs. The common denominator: all three groups work with the topic of human rights. Rights that are derived from the idea that human dignity in inviolable; rights that are inalienable, indivisble, and undeniable. Global fundamental rights.


First steps on stage. A playful approach to acting with guidance from our theatre educators. Letting imagination run free. And develop a play together. The Theaterbande harnesses the anarchic power of 8–12-year olds.
This production was created in the 23/24 in cooperation with Bühnenbild-AG at Konrad-Adenauer-Schule Bruchsal.

Sunday, 14 April – 3 pm
zur Produktion
Young adults meet like-minded theatre-fans, newbies meet experienced actors, the joy of acting meets contentual analysis, opinions meet movement. Human rights are examined regarding their relevance for young adults. Every-day occurences of human rights are explored.
The young adults of Jungen Szene have been dealing with the 30 human rights since September. Their thoughts are transformed for the stage in their play Hinter_Gedanken.

Friday, 12 April – 7.30 pm
zur Produktion
the group 'vox populi' consists of people from various age-groups. Which creates a unique and special atmosphere, because different levels of experience encounter and elevate each other. Methods from theatre education are used to create a play about human rights. Why is it so important to uphold them? Are they all equally important? Which rights seem to carry more weight - and why?
A hearty, vernacular play about the great poet of freedom, Friedrich Schiller. Trying to escape from his archduke, he hunkered down in Bruchsal - of all places!

Saturday, 13 April – 7.30 pm
zur Produktion