DIE NIERE with sign language

On 21 and 28 September we gave the first performances with sign language interpretation.

Marion Schick (left, with scarf) and Ralf Wiebel (right, with yellow socks) were not "parked" at the edge or in front of the stage. They were on stage as part of the ensemble, not "just" translating, but acting out the respective roles.

For the ensemble this has been a new experience, one that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. The hearing members in the audience were not at all distracted, on the contrary. We were able to speak with one of the deaf audience members after the show, and she said she enjoyed it very, very much. A compliment largely deserved by Marion and Ralf.

An additional performance with sign language interpretation is scheduled for:

Thursday, 14.12.2023
Bruchsal, Stadttheater, Hexagon

more about the play

Our performances with German Sign Language interpreters is supported as part of the programme »Weiterkommen!« by Zentrum für Kulturelle Teilhabe Baden-Württemberg (ZfKT).

In cooperation with Landesverband der Gehörlosen Baden-Württemberg e.V. and Dolmetschervermittlung für Gebärdensprache Baden-Württemberg.